Free Online Brain Teasers For Adults

by admin on March 13, 2012

Having more fun online and reaping healthy benefits from doing so would be the perfect combination, and it does exist! Doctors and researchers have found evidence that strongly suggests that those who engage in mentally stimulating activities significantly postpone the onset of symptoms associated with Alzheimer’s and other similar diseases. Unfortunately it is not a cure but evidence suggests it does allow you more time to enjoy your life before the symptoms become problematic.

Word games are popular types of brain teasers for adults and enjoyed around the world by people of all ages and abilities. Crossword puzzles are the most common word game and that is a puzzle you will find no shortage of choices to enjoy online. There are entire sites devoted to only crossword puzzles and many general game sites offer at least a daily puzzle and a few other crossword games. There are other word games you can find online such as; word search, cryptograms, anagrams, and scrabble types games, as well as many unique styles you can only find online. One great website is which contains all types of brain teasers for adults.

Number games are also a popular choice for those who enjoy brain teasers and one of the most popular is a game called Sudoku. Like the crossword you’ll find site after site that feature only Sudoku and similar games. Math problem type puzzles are also popular and similar to the story problems we either hated or enjoyed in math classes while attending school. Logic puzzles also fit in this category with some similar to the ones found in common puzzle books where you solve the answer by using the process of elimination from the supplied clues. Mahjong is another popular game that falls into the logic puzzle group as well as a very large variety of solitaire card games.

Memory puzzles are also popular and another popular game both online and off are trivia type games. You can play many trivia type games online, alone or in a group head-to-head with other players competing with timed questions. Other popular games of this type are memorizing locations of matching cards, the flashing light and musical sequence games where you remember the sequence played and have to replay it correctly to advance to the next stage.

You’ll find the online experience of playing brain teasers is unlike those you find in a newspaper, book or magazine. Online you’re exposed not only to the printed word, but the full experience of animation and audio, making it a truly enjoyable experience. The surprising thing is that many of the free sites that offer these games you will find they are just as good, if not superior to anything offered at sites you have to pay for.

There are many excellent sites that offer a wide variety of brain teaser games. Listed below are a couple of free sites that you can explore to see if there is anything to your liking. At “Games” website you will find word and puzzle type games suitable for adult level players that are playable online and contain great graphics and audio. For those who enjoy primarily word games, a good free site to visit is the “Web Crosswords” site which has a selection of word type games available to play online.

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